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quarta-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2013

Papua Oh Papua!

Poem by lanitribe written on October 19, 2011
Papua oh Papua…
Sekerat surga yang terhampar di bumi,

(Lay a piece of heaven on earth,)
Sejauh hijau berkilau,
(As far as the sparkling green,)

Tersimpan anugerah nan tak ternilai,
(Stored nan priceless gift,)


Engkau tertindas, engkau diperas,
(You are oppressed, you are squeezed,)

Sampai terkuras sisa ampas.

(Until drained the remaining pulp.)
Papua oh Papua…
Jangan pernah lekas jiwa patah,

(Never quickly broken soul,)
Semoga nanti kan bermakna kasih di tanah berkah.

(Hopefully it'll mean love in the land of blessing.)

Poem by Lanitribe
Published by  Dalia Kiakilir Agostinho
January, 13 2013
Free West Papua Campaign

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